With great sadness, we have had to close our Drop-In at Jaywick due to lack of funding.

Feedback from volunteers working with EOS:

Abigail says:

Volunteering with EOS has allowed me to develop not only my ‘professional’ service user-practitioner skills, but I have also developed my own personal skills. Through volunteering at Jaywick I have become much more confident and I have learnt to communicate with many different people from different walks of life.

I believe that the drop-in centre allows individuals who are potentially isolated in their day-to-day life to have a neutral and safe place to come and mingle with others in the community. Not only does the drop-in centre offer a hot drink and a bacon sandwich for every member who attends, much more is offered; a strongly bonded group of individuals.

As well as an informal meeting place for service users to mingle with others, the drop-in centre provides a chance to receive information about various useful subjects (e.g. health, housing, benefits etc.) and general advice. Where appropriate, service users are signposted to other organisations in the instances where the mentors at Jaywick are unable to assist.

..and Melissa:

Joining EOS is the best decision I have made, because not only do the service users get something out it ; such as a place where they can go and talk about any problems and get support.  But us as volunteers also do, because it allows us to give back, help make a difference. Most of all you always know that you are going to have a laugh and enjoy yourself when going to the drop in. On the whole I feel like the organisation is like a little family , were everyone works together and looks out of for each other, in hope of showing them everyone deserves a second chance and are capable of change.