With great sadness, we have had to close our Drop-In at Jaywick due to lack of funding.

Shaun Newman- A long standing member of EOS:

"I think that EOS is really helpful with both benefits and paying bills. The best thing about EOS is that it is a friendly place where everyone gets on really well. It would be a shame if anything happened to EOS as I look forward to coming to it every week and it’s a peaceful place to be. The outings with EOS have been really fun! WE went to Jimmy’s farm and also on a sponsored walk. Jimmy’s farm was such a nice day, really calm and enjoyable. It was good to just get out of Jaywick to a new place with no arguments or drama. The drop in is good as we all respect each other. The volunteers are really sensitive to everyone and we respect them as they respect us. We feel protective over the volunteers and want to protect the pace as we see it as our own.’


Dave Hanmore - benefited from EOS and says it changed his life:

 ‘Before I came to EOS I was having a lot of issues with the police and probation, where I didn’t attend appointments getting me into lots of trouble. The girls at Eos encouraged me to go to meetings meaning that it stopped me from getting recalled with probation twice which really helped me to not get into serious trouble. I was also encouraged by EOS to go to Bridge (a company that helps people develop skills such as computer skills etc. by talking to different people). Bridge was a request from the magistrate’s court but EOS gave me the confidence and encouraged me to go. The drop in has encouraged me to talk to different people outside the community, which has given me the confidence to now attend signpost. I am no longer embarrassed talking to people from places like signpost and getting their help to do things such as applying for jobs online. The nurse at EOS has been a real help on various occasions. One support (a support team at EOS drop ins) has helped with lots of things such as housing and what to do when you have issues. The drop in sessions are calming and relax me, they help with my temper and volunteers have advised me on how to deal with it which is good.’